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Lynne-Rachel Altman’s work enhances public space

Altman song circle children's fairylandEmploying my background in industrial design, sculpture, and public art, I work site specifically and use the social, historical, and functional context of the site, as well as the architectural and kinesthetic flavor of the space as the springboard for my work. 

I am is comfortable with a wide variety of materials and methods and have successfully completed projects incorporating landscaping, lighting, sculpture, water, gates, furniture, text, and interactivity.

I have worked closely with architects, urban planners, and design and construction professionals, and have collaborated with other artists and community members on a number of successful multi-disciplinary projects.

I served as lead artist of a multi-disciplinaryFairyland tunnel artist team responsible for transforming an inoperative concrete tunnel into an interactive musical attraction for young children at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA. The project included developing a theme song, sinuous metal gates, landscaping, terrazzo artwork, lighting, custom built instruments, murals, and concrete furniture. 

Other projects have included the installation of illuminated paper heads floating in the fountain of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco; "Praise the Children," glass, ceramic, and concrete step inserts for the newly constructed Santa Clara, California, library’s children’s garden; and low relief cast concrete pavers, and bricks imprinted with the imperative “make art” in 18 different languages for the City of Berkeley’s arts district streetscape.

In all of these projects I strive to synthesize the social (historical and functional), architectural, and kinesthetic features of each site to produce an impactful, meaningful, and positive environment.

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