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Pattern For KONO Utility Box Mural located at 20th and Telegraph in Oakland

painted utility box by Altman

“Pattern for KONO” was created specifically for the Korean Northgate neighborhood by artist
Lynne-Rachel Altman, and brings a unique decorative floral pattern -
reminiscent of interior domestic and feminine realms - to the street.

The pattern features the rose of sharon or mugunghwa (hibiscus syriacus), the
national flower of South Korea; the meskel daisy (bidens pachyloma), a flower
from the mountains of Ethiopia that blooms each year after the rains and
represents renewal and the new year; and the coast live oak (quercus agrifolia),
which sustained the Ohlone and is the symbol of modern Oakland.

Based on the intricate block-printed wallpaper styles popularized by English
Victorian designers, the colorful stenciled mural creates a visual dialog between
the romance of the tended English landscape, the current ecological peril, and
the “down-to-earth” nature of Oakland.

Employing the decorative-arts tradition of pattern, repetition, and symbolic
motifs to communicate, Altman’s piece uses horticulture as a metaphor for
multiculturalism. Her resulting vibrant intertwining plants are designed to
highlight the beauty of KONO’s cultural diversity and community

Project Video

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Lynne-Rachel Altman©2012