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one minute video by Bortin

This piece, seven feet of kiln fired crushed glass, was created collaboratively with, and as a container for, the spirit of Agnes Martin.


Exhibition Review

'SubAnatomy' and Nathan Lynch at MOCA

July/August, 2005, by Colin Berry, Artweek

From the body art movement in 1970's to the piercing and tattooing that have become an integral part of contemporary youth culture, creative types have always looked to the body for inspiration. And although the days since Karen Finely smeared herself in chocolate or Chris Burden took a gunshot to the arm are long past, a strong group show and tangential installation at Santa Rosa's Museum of Contemporary Art proved the corpus–animal or other wide-continues to serve as muse for many emerging artists.

Guest -curated by Chandra Cerrito, SubAnatomy afforded each of its seven contributors a unique vision of (and connection to) the body. . . . . other takes on the topic (include) . . . Lynne-Rachel Altman's amazing cast-glass human Chrysalis. . . .