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2015 Studio Work

drawing containment

Drawing Permeable Containment,
(Separation Anxiety), 2015

sintered glass, ink, nails

3 feet tall x 6” in wide x 4 “ deep



2 minute video : computer, phone

300 dpi

attachment disorder

(Attachment Disorder Meets
Borderline Personality Disorder), 2105

sintered glass, hardware

11” tall x 11.5 wide x 17.5” long

300 dpi

fine art by Altman

Keeping  it Together, (Anxiety Disorder), 2015

sintered glass, hardware

12” long x 5”wide x  5” tall

300 dpi

sintered glasss

(Borderline Personality Disorder), 2015

sintered glass

11” round disks slumped and stretched
installation dimensions variable
72 dpi

sintered glass and moldMold, Homage to Unfinished Work
(Attention Deficit Disorder), 2015

sintered glass, mold cultured from canned soda, wood shelf

5 “ tall x 5 wide x 2.5 # deep

300 dpi