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Lynne-Rachel Altman’s Community art projects

School Fence Art Project:

John Muir elementary school, a k-5 public kids painting wooden pieces
school in Berkeley, California serves 231 students and their families.

Responding to parent concerns in a school survey, a parent task force was formed to bring more visual arts to the school and it was requested that parent and John Muir alum, Lynne-Rachel Altman, spearhead a John Muir Community Art Project, the first phase featuring a wooden cut-out mural to run along the fence facing Claremont Avenue in Berkeley.

Reflecting the schools strong gardening and
natural sciences curriculum, the mural features the botanical life cycle of a squash plant including the different phases of growth and decomposition as well as some of the plant pollinators. 

bee by kidStudents worked with the gardening teacher and Altman to observe, sketch. and trace elements for the mural. 

Students and their families then work from nature and photographs to develop skills of observation, enlargement, composition, collaboration and acrylic paint rendering.

Click here to see some of the work installed.



Sukkot Decorations with Be'chol Lashon:Hamsa

On the annual festival of sukkot, Jewish friends and community join together in temporary(and sometimes highly decorated) dwellings to mark the change in season and reflect on the accomplishments and gifts of inspirational friends and ancestors.

Be'chol Lashon (In Every Tongue) is an organization that grows and strengthens the Jewish people through ethnic, cultural, and racial inclusiveness.

grapes for sukkot

Be'chol Lashon advocates for the diversity that has characterized the Jewish people throughout history, and through contemporary forces including intermarriage, conversion and adoption.

Lynne-Rachel Altman, a part of the Be'chol Lashon community, was invited to lead a sukkah decoration workshop at the organization's annual family camp in Marin, California (2012).



In the sukkah


Lynne-Rachel worked with the organization's director to create a hands-on project appropriate for community memebers of all ages.





sukkot decoration


Participants used markers and acrylic paint to trace and color sukkot images created by Altman onto plastic sheets. These were hung in the sukkot to celebrate community. At the end of the weekend, the participants took the art pieces home to hang in their own homes.