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Empty Series


Chrysalis video by Bortin

Empty Head #2, (Rabbi)

Empty Head #4, (Carla on Wall)

Empty Head #6,
(Migraine Head)

Empty Head #7,
(Open Minded)

Empty Head #9,

Reenacting Rabbi Loew's Gesture for Reanimation

A Users Guide To Spiritual Elevation

Working from the Body


Food Pyramid

Outtakes from the Food Pyramid

That which is held inside


Sugar Statement

Volume Studies


Public Art

Praise the Children (press release)

Fairy Music Farm Project Description

Fairy Music Farm Slide show

Heads on Posts Article

Pattern For KONO Utility Box Mural

Make Art/Addison Streetscape (press release)

Oakland Tribune article

artist statement







Floating Heads

Floating Heads video by Bortin

public performances

Art Health Fair


Kitchen Backsplashes


Artist Statement (Fine Art)

Artist Statement (Public Art)



2016 Sarah Burke East Bay Express

2007 Sasha Vasilyuk
San Francisco Examiner

2008 Martin Snapp
Oakland Tribune

July/August, 2005 Colin Berry 'SubAnatomy' and Nathan Lynch at MOCA, Artweek

2001 Berkeley Arts District
Angela Hill,Oakland Tribune

Essays and Catalogs

Lucid by Chandra Cerrito

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All images made and documented by Lynne-Rachel Altman except the following:

contact page: photo of "silence" by Mark Bartlett

Home (index) page: photo of floating head, Food Pyramid, Sugar feet images,Dr. Sugar, Empty Heads #2, #9, by Peter E.V. Allen

Resume page: photos of taped head by Mark Bartlett, photos of demonstration in Rodin Room by Richard Kirchner, all other images by Peter E.V. Allen or Lynne-Rachel Altman

Article: Fairy Muisc Farm , Examiner 2008: photos by Muffy Kibbey and Peter E.V. Allen

Chrysalis: Video by Bruce Bortin

artist's statment (public art) photos of Fairy Music Farm by Muffy Kibbey

artist's statment (fine art) images of Berkley Public Library shelf, photo of Carla on Wall, by Bruce Bortin

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